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Image To Emoji Converter

Hey, this is my image to emoji converter. Select an image to upload from your computer and behold! There are many rendering options to choose from. Play around with the settings and see what works best for you.

If you have feedback about this site, please send an email to floyd at polyfloyd dot net or drop me a tweet.

Renderering Options

Skin-tone Color Renderer

The skintone renderer leverages the skin-tone unicode modifier to adjust the skin-tone of a set of face and body part emojis. This allows an image to be rendered in a monochrome color. This rendering mode works with both photo's and cartoon-style images. How about taking a selfie and rendering it in 👌 (ok-hand) emojis?

Emoji Half-tone Renderer

This rendering mode works by taking a single emoji and drawing it in different sizes based on the grayscale of the image. It works really well with photo's but not with cartoons. There is no limit to the emojis you can use to render, so how about you get a little creative? For example, use a ❤ (heart) emoji for a portrait of someone special or a 💩 (turd) for someone you dislike.

Emoji Color Renderer

The color renderer maps the colors of an image to emojis that mostly resemble the original color. It does not work that well with photo's, but it excels with cartoon-style images with wide verieties of colors.

Since emoji's and their colors vary between operating systems, the converter will attempt to guess which set of emoji's you are using and automatically select what will probably work best for you.